AC Diggers Expert Earthworking Solutions


AC Diggers' bulldozers are equipped with a substantial metal blade, used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, etc during construction work. Their tracks give them excellent ground hold and mobility through very rough terrain.

12 Tonne Bulldozers

Spreads clay for compaction. Compliments 20 tonne diggers and
10 tonne rollers.

12 Tonne Bulldozers
10 Tonne Rollers

Compacts clay soils and gravel on construction sites.

10 Tonne Rollers

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Sand Sculpture - Waitangi Day 2007, Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles
This was big in the news but a little known fact was that AC Diggers provided the digger driver for this project. Along with a huge expat kiwi community, AC Diggers worked from dawn to sunset, proving their skills with the digger are world class.