AC Diggers Expert Earthworking Solutions


AC Diggers' loaders are mainly used for uploading materials into trucks, filling floor slabs, basement excavations and general clearing.

There are tracked or wheeled loaders available; usage depends on site conditions. The tracked loaders are used when the ground is soft and muddy, Wheels provide better mobility and speed and do not damage paved roads as much as tracks, but provide less traction.

AC Diggers' bobcat operators are experts - utilising specialist skills which are enviable within the industry.

Bobcat Tracked Loaders

Lower ground impact, wet conditions.

Bobcat Tracked Loader
Bobcat Wheeled Loaders

Underground excavations, restricted access areas.

Bobcat Wheeled Loader

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Sand Sculpture - Waitangi Day 2007, Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles
This was big in the news but a little known fact was that AC Diggers provided the digger driver for this project. Along with a huge expat kiwi community, AC Diggers worked from dawn to sunset, proving their skills with the digger are world class.